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I am an enthusiastic software developer with a passion for new ideas and complex, large scale software systems. I have experience working at Australia's largest telecommunications companies, and also with startups in Perth and Sydney.


Professional Experience


CTO/Principal Engineer

As technical lead for the Virtual Desktop and Cyber Security products for BankVault I have contributed to the products complete software stack, and have developed multiple patents for the company. Specific pieces of work include:

2009-2012 iiNet Pty Ltd

Senior Programmer

2007-2009 Seeker Wireless Pty Ltd

Senior Software Engineer

2007-2007 Ecomtel

System Software Engineer

2006-2007 Telstra Bigpond

Game Encryption Specialist

2004-2006 Optus

Technical Specialist

2002-2004 iiNet

Programmer/System Administrator

Patents Lodged

Virtual computing systems and methods US 20160232025 A1

In one preferred form of the present invention, there is provided a computer system for providing virtual computers. The computer system includes a pool facility for storing a pool of suspended virtual computers based on at least one virtual computer template. A provision manager provides a series of virtual computers as a result of a series of system logon requests by a user.

Computing systems and methods WO2016086269A1

A computer implemented method of providing virtual computers for use by users comprising: providing a virtual computer service and providing each user with a user security device; each user security device providing a locked down operating environment including - a remote access connector, a display output and an authenticator facility; in the method receiving remote connection requests initiated by the users and sent by the remote access connector to the virtual computer service; the authenticator facility providing first authentication data to the remote access connector; and the virtual computer service authenticating the first authentication data to ensure that the security device is an authenticated security device that has permission to be allocated a virtual computer from the virtual computer service.

Virtual machines - computer implemented security methods and systems 2017901397

Computer systems and methods including html browser authorisation approaches 2019901053


Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Edith Cowan University Mt Lawley, WA
Graduated 2001

Open Source Projects